It took several years until this cimbalom smaller than the Bohák one was brought to life.
The new instrument does not want to be a rival of the well-tried and deservedly world
famous concert cimbalom, it would like just to meet the requirements of another circle of customers.

As a result of conscious and systematic development an instrument was borne with a surprisingly
high sound volume in spite of its small sizes.
The register is from bass C – Gis – H – E.

The size-chart of its strings is different from that of the well-known Bohák cimbalom.
The difference is due to the small sizes of the instrument that became necessary in
order that its sound and tension come up in every respect to the musical requirements
as per idea of the designer and to the static stress being extremely important from technical point of view.

The tightened strings bring namely to bear a tension of several tons on the supporting
bridges of the instrument which have to be planned and to be made based on this.
The cimbalom has transversal and longitudinal ribs. The pin-block system is similar to that of Schunda cimbalom.

Its reinforcement is ensured besides the supporting bridges also by one steel rod of 20-mm diameter.
The damper system is in accordance with the usual constructions already proved.

The new technical solution combined with the usual shape of the cimbaloms resulted in a harmonious outside appearance.
The resonant top has rose sound hole. The rim is thin, fits well to the small size,
provided with decorative lath all around the top.

All sides of the rim have carved decoration on which the name of the co-operative and the designer-maker can be read.

The rim is fastened by screws to the hard wood lath glued on its bottom.
The legs are rectangular, the Lyre is of individual solution, new construction.
After completion it came to playing the instrument. The unanimous opinion
of the artists and musicians has been that the sound of the cimbalom is excellent and comes up perfectly to the expectations.

Size 125 x 65 x 23 cm
Height with legs 85 cm
Weight approx. 53 kg

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DSC03607s DSC03588s  


The cymbalo is particularly suitable for using as practising instrument or also for performing more considerable concerts.

The register extends fom low C bass up to G sharp-H-E. If required it can be produced in bass also chromatically, register of 4 and a quarter octaves.

Measurement: 128 x 64 x 78 cm.


396 397 This instrument is a lighter model and that’s why it can be transported easily, but even in spite
of the smaller corpus and lighter weight it has strong and rich sound, so it is suitable for
recitals at more considerable concerts as well. On designing and making the instrument we
used materials of highest quality and as in case of all instruments made by us until now the
main point of view was the stability and the long life-time of the instrument.
It is still its great advantage that after dismounting the laths to be found on the front and back
side of the instrument the sounding parts (soundboard, pin block, strings) can be reached
easily and thus the repair of the instrument can be made with ease at any time. Consequently
the life-time of the cimbalom can even reach 100 years if you take proper care of it.
The weight of the cimbalom is 60 kg, the dimensions are 134 x 69 x 24 cm, the register is
from bass C- Gis – H – E. The soundboard has a construction with side opening
similarly to the concert cimbaloms.
We are waiting with pleasure for everybody in our show room enabling to try the new model.



Rounded corners, provided with upper and lower laths, made in Hungarian style, mat walnut rim carved by folk craftsmen, inner steel mechanism, freely vibrating resonant top open on both sides.

Register: from lower C-bass to three-line A with lower Cis and Dis basses, fully chromatic four and one sixth octave.

The enormous resonant voice combined with wide register scale makes it possible to use this cimbalom in any full orchestra and to perform any piece of music on it.

The cimbalom is provided with copper spun bass strings and adjustable spring dampers within the saddles. The mat, massive walnut rim and the carved round legs can easily be assembled. Regarding its outside appearance it is an attractive musical instrument.

Size 150 x 76 x 30 cm
Height with legs 87 cm
Weight approx. 90 kg

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